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We feel it, we sense it, some people say it happens as we get older…. but is time acceleration a real phenomenon?  Can time truly accelerate?  If time is accelerating, does it mean that the earth is moving around the sun faster?  Will there be fewer than 24 hours in a day?

Nature is full of eloquent lessons for us,, and one of my favorites is one that Spider taught me about time and space, in terms of qualities, not quantities.  The music of time-space, which indeed defines its measurement.

Spider creates the foundations of her web by spinning lines that are attached to things in her surroundings – a rose bush branch, a fence post – all converging on a center she has already perceived.  These foundational ‘spokes’ define the space and character of the web as a whole.  Each of the spokes has its own character in terms of length and what it is influencing its movement.  As Spider is weaving these spokes, she leaves a sticky substance along the filament.  When she gets to the end of the line, she plucks it, causing it to vibrate.  It has its own tone, just like a guitar string.

Pythagoras was one mathematician/musician in a lineage of ancients who understood that when a string is plucked, there are intervals along the string that do not vibrate.  That is what gives the string’s sound its tonal character.  These harmonic intervals are so called because they are created by the overtones or natural harmonies that the string is producing.   These natural harmonic overtone intervals have a mathematical relationship to the string, so no matter what the tone, the intervals are proportional the length string.

When Spider plucks the string, that sticky substance vibrates and collects in the intervals  where the string is not vibrating.  She knows that each string has its own ‘scale’ and she is going to make use of it to build her web.  In terms of the metaphor for our galaxy, which I believe is a fractal of our universe, Spider has now set the music in motion, she has set time in motion, and now she will create space.

Spider goes back to the center of the spokes now and begins to weave a spiral out from the center by connecting  the beads that are along the spokes of the web.  She uses these beads as intersections.  Around and around in a spiral until she reaches the outer parameters of her spokes – the final beads or ‘notes’ if you will.  There is no more perfect metaphor for the nature of the fabric of timespace than that, and it is no wonder that Spider Woman, the Great Weaver, is the Creatrix in our mythopoeic imaginations.

So what can this teach us about acceleration?  Let’s take an imaginary trip on Spider’s Web from that outside point she left off from.  Let’s say we are a little microorganism that was born on that sticky bead and we go for a walk, a quest, to discover our place in this big web that looks like it started from a singularity….

We start walking along that spiral until we get to the next bead, or intersection.  It definitely feels different from the last intersection – and that’s because the nature of the spoke is different – a whole different tone or quality of experience.  Then we move on to the next bead, and we notice the same thing – it’s a completely different experience than the last two….We move along then, and it seems like we are experiencing time in a line… there is something in front of us that looks like our future and something behind us that feels like our past.  It takes a certain amount of time to reach the next bead and we are starting to get used to that timing now that we are almost all the way around.

Then eventually we get to a bead that is back on that first spoke we started from.  It’s not the same exact place, because it’s closer to the center, but since we think we are walking in a straight line, and are not aware that this line is a spiral, we don’t know we are standing on that same spoke, However, something about it feels familiar…. there is a quality about it that our body senses, because our body is receiving the vibration of that string directly….

We move on to the next spoke, and the next, and each time now we are getting a kind of “deja vu’, but it’s still a long time between beads, so we can’t really put our fingers on it.  We go around and around the spiral in this way for several cycles, until we begin to notice a couple of things:  One is that it is taking less and less time to get to the next bead than it used to, even though we are walking at the same speed.  We are also starting to notice that there is a patterns to these “old familiar feelings” we get when we reach one spoke and then another.- to the point where we can almost anticipate what the next one will be.  This is what happens when we get closer to the center, when the spiral starts to tighten up.  We start to sync up.

By now we may even discover that we are walking in a spiral and not a line.  We start to remember what this song is about, this energy – what opportunities it makes available, or what things to watch out for… So although things may appear one way, it is always important to feel what song the moment is singing to have a full understanding of where we are, to feel the resonance.

The Ancient Time Keepers –  the Maya, who left us a calendar etched in stone, and the pre-Han Chinese system of the I Ching, as just two examples – were tracking time based not on sun and  moon alone, but on the waves of Galactic Time – waves of energy that pulses from the center of the Milky Way which are the heart-beat, the time-keeper for every star in the galaxy.  These pulses are the spokes of the spider’s web, the time signature of the unfolding music of life in this galaxy.  The Milky Way Galaxy is a spiral.  All life forms on earth unfurl in spirals in the dance of this time.

Time for us is a spiral.  By deduction, then, I imagine that each galaxy has its own timing, it’s own symphony, and that this is a fractal pattern that reveals the universe itself.  The Uni-Verse – the One Song….

This is the unfolding of time in our universe.  We are getting very close to the center of the spiral now.  We are feeling the resonances with what has gone before, and we are beginning to understand, to master, Time…. And once we do, we will no longer need linear time.  Training wheels off.  The joy ride of Multidimensional Time is awaiting us….

Or so I believe.