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Three Music Lessons

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I went chasing after a cloud one day
I asked her for a dance
And what she gave me was no gentle sway
She was ready for a swirl
Across the vast expanse
Across the vast expanse

She picked me up and I was everywhere
Here – not here – now, over here
And when I realized I had no fear
Then suddenly she disappeared
You know how clouds can be
You know how clouds can be

She said, “We’re both dancing in the Sun,
and in the dance we are but one.
We are but One.”

One night the moon came in to my bedside
I drank her in like sweet warm milk.
And in the breeze I heard a lullaby
We stepped into a waltz of dreams
I asked her what it means,
if she knows what it means

She said, “One question takes a life to answer.
Search the world to find yourself
to know yourself.”

I met a tree upon a riverside
She asked me to sit a while
I leaned in closely to her heart
She hummed a tune that brought me home
She knew the song that was my home

She said, “We both sing the River’s song.
While life is short, the River’s long
The River’s Long.”

–Purple Hazel Green


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