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Sometimes the things that inspire/awaken our creativity are not beautiful or kind, but reminders of how precious and important beauty and kindness are… This is a poetic response to the Orlando Pulse nightclub tragedy, specifically, and to the underlying catalyst of such events – the commodification of…


Can we talk?
Beyond the political football that the latest mass shooting almost instantly became…

What kills is fear.
Not guns. Not religion.
Homophobia is fear of one’s own innate feelings. A fear that gets nurtured by a culture that fears nonconformity and otherness.
It is is a mental illness.
“Fear is the mind-killer” Frank Herbert said.

I don’t actually believe in hate,
for all this talk about haters and hate crimes.
Hate is a just form of fear.

It’s the fear we must expose.
Fear is an instinct given to us for knowing when there is clear and present danger.
Like when a lion is stalking us.
Is it?
What is really lurking in the jungle, if anything?
Who told you it was?
Are you relying on your own senses?

The darkest crime being perpetrated here
is the selling of fear.
It’s a highly successful marketing strategy.
Sell fear. Sell guns. Sell the armed militant fix.
The weapons manufacturers and defense contractors
(clever that, “defense”)
are churning out their boy toys at quite a profit.

For who else would want to be well armed but those who are most afraid?
We have armed an army of fearful people, the number of which grows every day.

It’s no longer a question of whether that is right or appropriate.  It is simply a reality.
Fight for legislation, and close that barn door,
but the horse is long gone, way on up the road.

It’s the fear we must address in the legislature
in the pulpits
in the schools
in our homes
in our hearts
Keep your frickin’ guns; turn in your fears.

Fear of guns. Fear of not having guns.
Fear of not making a profit.
Fear of losing of my piece of the pie.
Fear of nature. Fear of losing nature.
Fear of our own true nature.
Fear of our true feelings of love.

Think about that: Fear of love.
That is the clearest and most present danger
threatening us.

Take love back.

Love without fear.
That is what the manufacturers of fear
fear most.
This stockpile of weapons we have amassed
poses no threat at all
when no one feels threatened.
There is no clear and present danger
being in the presence of a Muslim, or a gay man,
or a black man, or any man or woman
who is not afraid.

Sell fear, the mind-killer.
and use every tragedy that results
as a political strategy
to deflect our attention from our own senses,
from the sensual world
that speaks to us only of what is.

How sharp are our senses?
That is at the crux of it.
Our senses have been stripped,
as Dylan sang to Mr. Tambourine Man,
Gradually, deliberately. The stars have disappeared from our sky,
which stopped being blue in the daytime,
and no one noticed because we were all working
“under the gun”
and not looking up,
giving our consent to things like drinking fluoride,
a chemical used to make concentration camp prisoners docile,
and believing we should be more afraid of bad teeth.

Let me reiterate: We have been putting neurotoxins in
Three generations later,
we cannot get off our couches
even in the face of blatant corruption and cruelty;
even in the face of clear and present danger.

“They” sell it. We buy it, and sell it to each other.
We give it away for free.
Here, have some fear, I’ve got extra.
“Like” my fear on Facebook.

Attention shoppers:
Fear is a product that comes with a very high price.
It’s not organic. It’s not Fair Trade. It’s not sustainable.

Don’t buy it.