Music, Poetry, Cosmology


Music flows like honey
Through the universe

Sweet sound –ackermann1HR
nectar to the One
who longs to hear it

A star burns
through all its elements
to the densest – iron
before exploding

We can hear that ringing –
the death of Grandmother Supernova
giving birth to a sun

Sacred bells ring out
all over the Earth
in Her memory

Our memory
is nothing but

Bees drone and make honey
Humans make bells and drums
flutes and words

We taste honey,
say, “Mmmm”
Stardust rings in our ears

The Queen of Heaven
hears Herself at last
She is harmony
She is Om

Click here to hear/see this as a YouTube video
Click here to download the audio for free.
Words and Music by Purple Hazel Green.  Share freely and with love .Free-Honey-Bee-Wallpaper-Laptop-Background


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